Rack Storage

  • Year-round storage

  • How it works – Schedule a launch with the Speedydock app. The launch can be scheduled from 30 minutes ahead or as early as 48 hours ahead of desired launch time. Once you arrive at the marina, your boat will be waiting for you at the dock at your scheduled time.

  • Why choose inside rack storage? Boat is stored inside while not being used away from any outside weather.  Rack storage eliminates the marine growth to the hull and corrosion to underwater gear.  No need to change your zincs, paint outdrives or paint the bottom of the boat. 

  • NEVER have to deal with trailering your boat and waiting in line at the boat ramp. 

  • Work racks are available for you to work on your boat with water and electric available.

In Water Slip

  • 6-month storage from May 1st to November 1st  

  • Dock your boat with a full floating finger for every slip.  Every dock and slip will float with the tide.  

  • Water is available at every slip.  

  • Electric is also available.  

  • Dock carts are available at the head of each ramp.  

Jet Ski Ramps

Ramp storage May 1st to October 15th. All ramps have rollers.  

Winter Storage

  • Outside land storage November 1st to May 1st  

  • Inside storage November 1st to May 1st